After Jill's son Josh was convicted, Jill's husband slammed Jim Bob as "hypocritical."

Derick Dillard, JILL Duggar's husband, called her father Jim Bob "hypocritical" as he runs for the Arkansas State Senate District 7 seat.

After his son Josh was convicted of child pornography earlier this month, the 32-year-old chastised Jim Bob for continuing his political campaign.

Josh was found guilty of both possessing and receiving child pornography last week and was immediately taken into custody.

After his family's latest scandal, Derick told TMZ that Jim Bob will have a much harder time winning a Senate seat.

According to Jill's husband, having Josh as his son, as well as the fact that the 56-year-old was present at the courthouse supporting him during the trial, will be a disadvantage in the race.

Jim Bob is said to have wanted to take a tough stance against sex offenders in the past, but Derick believes that doing so now would make him appear "hypocritical," as he is unlikely to feel the same way now that his son has been convicted.

He previously proposed that a "rapist should be executed," claiming that it is a "heinous crime that should be treated as such."

Despite the fact that the crime Derick's son was convicted of was not the same as his son's, Derick believes Jim Bob's previous stances will hurt him in his current bid because the public is well-aware of his family's current situation.

Derick, who has previously been critical of Jim Bob and other members of the Duggar family, had an "awkward" encounter with the patriarch during Josh's trial.

Derick had been sitting in the front row of the courtroom, right next to Josh's wife Anna, according to a reporter from The Sun inside the trial.

During a break, Jim Bob approached Anna and passed Derick by, saying only "Hello."

Derick responded with a hushed "Hi."

Derick moved to the back to sit with Jason, Joy-Anna, her husband Austin Forsyth, Jana, and other loved ones, while Jim Bob hugged his daughter-in-law and stayed in the first row.

Even though there was seating available, Derick did not return to the front row when the break ended.

The environment around the dispersed family was described as "awkward and cold" by our reporter.

When Derick liked a tweet alleging that Jim Bob "financially and emotionally" abuses his children, he seemed to alienate himself from the family.

Derick and Jill left Counting On in 2017, two years after Josh was accused of sexually abusing five underage girls, one of whom was Jill.

They've since chastised Jim Bob and his wife, Michelle, for their conservative beliefs and spoken out against them.

Despite his "family problems," Jim Bob insisted a few weeks before Josh's trial that he would not "shrink away" from politics.

The father of 19 said he would not give up or remain silent in his bid for the seat, and that he would push through any "crises" his family was facing.

Jim Bob slammed "cancel culture" after his son Josh's arrest in a new blog post just before the trial, saying he refused to let it stop him.

"Like so many other families, we, too, have dealt with crises, difficulties, and heartbreak," he wrote.

"... They say we should shrink away because our family has had problems, which is why they are often so cruel, but we can't sit on the sidelines while one of America's most important battles is taking place."

"For our children and grandchildren, we are committed to doing our part and making a difference."

In their home state of Arkansas, Jim Bob and his wife Michelle appeared on a billboard to promote his Senate campaign.

During his campaign for the state senate, the family patriarch was chastised for soliciting donations.

Despite the fact that his show Counting On was canceled, the 56-year-old devoutly religious reality star is reportedly worth $3.5 million, critics were perplexed by his request for money.

On Reddit, fans slammed the TV star, accusing him of having no policies and "just grifting for donations."

In the wake of his son's scandal, a campaign flyer for Jim Bob was mocked online for claims that the Counting On star is "pro-family."

The 56-year-old Republican's campaign flyer emphasized his values, emphasizing that he is "Pro-Faith, Pro-Family, and Pro-Freedom."

Some Reddit users, however, found those claims difficult to believe, especially given his family's well-documented current struggles.

"I don't know whether to throw up or not," the original poster wrote alongside a photo of the campaign note.

"Mail it back to the TTH or his campaign headquarters with a note stating you are pro-prosecuting pedophiles and anti-protecting child molesters," another advocate suggested.

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