After 'little interest,' a blind dog sparks a viral appeal to find her forever home.

An animal welfare organization's Facebook appeal to rehome a blind dog with "little interest" has gone viral.

The Scottish SPCA used social media to try to find a new home for Miss Piggy, a Patterdale terrier cross who had both of her eyes removed, according to the Daily Record.

Thousands of people have shared the post in the hopes that the seven-year-old dog will soon find a loving home.

The Facebook post, which was posted on Saturday, has received over 3,100 likes, 2,200 shares, and 390 comments so far.

Miss Piggy had already been rehomed, according to one commenter.

"Our Angus centre has been searching for an extra special home for Miss Piggy, but sadly she has had very little interest," the SPCA writes on Facebook.

"She is a sweet, affectionate Patterdale terrier-cross who enjoys nothing more than being cuddled and adored!"

"Despite the fact that she is completely blind, she does not let her disability hold her back and is a very confident little dog."

On walks, however, she can be wary of other dogs approaching her.

"As a result, she's looking for a home without other pets or young children where she can get all the attention she deserves!"

"Miss Piggy would make a wonderful companion, and we'd be delighted to find her the ideal home."

"Bless her, we lost our blind dog over a year ago, they make fantastic pets you just have to adjust things to help suit their needs," one commenter said.

"I had a blind dog and you wouldn't know," another said.

Textured mats throughout the house (top and bottom of stairs, doorways, etc. ), jangle of keys while out walking her at the beach so she knew where you were

"In the United States, there is a blind dog rescue with the motto 'blind dogs see with their hearts,' which is so true!!"

Visit Miss Piggy's Scottish SPCA page to learn more about her or to apply to rehome her.

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