After the stewards' decision goes Hamilton's way, Max Verstappen makes an angry radio call.

After a first-lap collision with F1 title rival Lewis Hamilton at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Max Verstappen was furious.

On the run to the first corner, Verstappen qualified ahead of Hamilton for the season finale in the Middle East, but he lost that advantage almost immediately as the Mercedes driver charged in front.

That might have been the case for most drivers, but not for Verstappen.

He made an audacious move to reclaim the lead later in the lap, lunging up the inside of Hamilton with the world championship on the line.

The pair collided again, this time in Saudi Arabia, but this time Hamilton was forced to cut the corner and appeared to gain an advantage.

Red Bull was confident that the British racer would move aside and hand the lead to Verstappen.

However, both the pit crew and Verstappen were furious when the stewards decided no further action was required and Hamilton was allowed to keep his lead.

Verstappen was underwhelmed.

He sent a message over the team radio, saying, "He (Hamilton) has to relinquish that position."

Jonathan Wheatley, the director of Red Bull, was equally dissatisfied.

"Max is ahead at the apex and stays on the track. Lewis has left the track," Wheatley told the FIA.

The FIA, on the other hand, disagreed, claiming that "all the advantage had already been given back prior to the end of the first lap."

Jenson Button, a former Formula One world champion, agreed with the decision not to penalize Hamilton, but questioned the sport's rules.

"It was a late lunge, but it was always going to happen, Lewis knew he was coming," he explained.

"I guess he pushed Lewis off the track, but he stayed on the track; I'm trying to figure out the rules right now because there was no penalty in Brazil, but they both drove off the circuit, and Max stayed on the track this time."

Nico Rosberg, Hamilton's former teammate, added: "It's so difficult."

I believe what they've done is acceptable.

Even though he had a right to the corner, Max was a little too lungey and aggressive, forcing Lewis out too forcefully.

"I'd also argue that Lewis didn't give back everything he gained."

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