Ahead of the Season 21 finale of 'The Voice,' viewers are calling the show 'unfair.'

On Monday, December 13, 2021, the top 5 contestants on NBC's "The Voice" performed songs chosen by their coaches in the hopes of receiving the most votes from the audience and winning the season.

Following the performance portion of the finale, some fans criticized the show for being unfair, citing one contestant's status as a professional singer and another group's status as a trio.

Girl Named Tom is the first time a trio has ever made it to the final episode.

Some people were disappointed that the trio made it to the final.

"I love you, @KellyClarkson-hashtag-VoiceFinale," one person wrote, "but I just don't think it's fair to have a group competing against individuals on this show. Not that they aren't good... I just don't think it's fair to the others."

"I honestly don't think ANY group or duo should be able 2 compete against a solo artist because there's NO WAY 1 person can go against the many notes andamp; melodies, or harmonies that 2 or more voices can accomplish. It's SO unfair 2 the solo artists!!!" wrote another.

"They are actually good it's just not fair for a trio to go against soloists-hashtag-TheVoice," another fan tweeted.

Others were offended because Wendy Moten is already a well-known performer.

"I'm hoping for either Paris or Hailey to win. Wendy has the vocals but has far too much industry experience and shouldn't be on the show imo. Unfortunately, I suspect Girl Named Tom will win, which is forked because groups shouldn't be allowed (make a new show for groups ffs)-hashtag-TheVoice," one person tweeted.

"Wendy is the most beautiful 57-year-old I've ever seen and possibly the best singer on the show... BUT, I don't like it when these shows are won by people who have been singing in front of large audiences for years.-hashtag-TheVoice," wrote another.

New coach Ariana Grande was the only coach with no artists left on her team going into the Monday, December 13,2021, episode.

After his second artist, Joshua Vacanti, was eliminated before the finals, John Legend is down to one artist in Jershika Maple.

Kelly Clarkson has two remaining groups in the competition: Girl Named Tom, a family trio, and Hailey Mia, the competition's youngest artist.

With two artists left in the competition, Blake Shelton, the show's longest-serving coach, may have the upper hand.

Wendy Moten and Paris Winningham, two members of his team, are still in the competition.

We believe Wendy Moten or Paris Winningham will win, bringing Shelton's total number of wins to nine, nearly half of his appearances on the show.

"The Voice's" season finale is split into two parts on NBC.

The first part will be broadcast live on Monday, December 13, 2021 at 8 p.m. Eastern.

It will be recorded and re-aired later for the west coast.

The top five contestants will sing for votes during the show.

Then, on Tuesday, December 14, 2021, at 9 p.m. Eastern time, the second half of the finale will air.

The show will last two hours and the winner will be announced at the end.

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