Before he died, a wrestler revealed a shocking $50,000 medical bill on his birthday post.

Jimmy Rave, a Ring of Honor wrestler, shared a heartbreaking birthday message just days before his tragic death, after revealing his shocking $50,000 medical bill weeks before.

Rave, whose real name was James Michael Guffey, died on December 12 at the age of 39, the cause of which is still unknown.

On December 7, the wrestler wrote on Twitter, "In just a few hours it will be my birthday." "It's never meant [sic] all that much but this year has been super difficult."

"If you want to help, here's how."

He then revealed his PayPal email address as well as his Cash App username.

Rave had asked fans for help with his expensive medical bill when he posted it on social media in October.

Rave tweeted, "Thank you to all who have been supportive of this journey thus far."

"Your contributions have aided in my daily living and getting my life back in order; however, I just received this bill in the mail... WOW! If you can assist... "

Last November, the wrestler announced his retirement from the sport after an infection in his left arm necessitated amputation.

"I've been very fortunate for the last 21 years in professional wrestling, getting to live out my dream," Rave tweeted. "Today, that dream has ended for me, and I have a new reality."

His world "came crashing down" when doctors discovered an infection in his arm and determined that he would need to have his arm amputated above the elbow.

Rave's medical woes continued when it was discovered that he had MRSA in both legs after experiencing difficulty walking since June.

Both of his legs were amputated right away.

Rave posted a photo of himself in the hospital with his legs and left arm amputated, explaining that he has "a history" with the condition.

"I've been hiding my legs the whole time because of this embarrassment; I'm sorry if I didn't live up to your expectations; I tried... I really did."

Rave's death was confirmed by Rave's daughter, Kailah, and friend Bill Behren on Monday.

"James Michael Guffey, 39, passed away," they said in a statement.

"James was best known as Jimmy Rave, a professional wrestler."

His career, which began in 1999, lasted more than two decades.

"Jimmy had battled drug addiction for many years, and his battles led to the amputation of his arm and, later, both of his legs."

Pro wrestlers expressed their sorrow shortly after Rave's death was announced.

Lance Archer of All Elite Wrestling tweeted, "RIP my brother! Jimmy Rave."

"Sad RIP Jimmy Rave," AEW's Joey Janela said.

"We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of James Guffey, otherwise known as Jimmy Rave," wrote Impact Wrestling on Twitter.

"During this difficult time, we offer our heartfelt condolences to Rave's family and friends. Rave made his IMPACT debut in 2002 during The Asylum Years and became a mainstay of the X-Division."

Frankie Kazarian, a former Impact Wrestler and current AEW star, tweeted, "Dammit... RIP Jimmy Rave."

I'm glad we got to share a ring so many times.

"I'm glad we had the opportunity to meet over 18 years ago, and I'm glad we were friends. I'm glad I knew you, and I'll miss you. Godspeed, my friend."

His ex-wife Felicia, daughter Kailah, son James II, and parents Jim and Toni Guffey survive him.

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