Boris promises that all adults will receive Covid boosters THIS MONTH in order to combat the Omicron 'tidal wave.'

As the UK battles the Omicron variant, BORIS Johnson has promised that all adults will receive a Covid booster shot THIS MONTH as part of a "national mission."

In a pre-recorded speech to the nation, the Prime Minister urged Britons to get their life-saving vaccines, warning that the country is "facing an emergency" in the fight against Omicron, with a "tidal wave" of cases on the way.

Mr Johnson made a major announcement, announcing the launch of the Omicron Emergency Boost, which will allow anyone over the age of 18 to get a third vaccination by the end of the year, bringing the target forward by a MONTH.

Two doses of the vaccine are "simply not enough" to provide the "level of protection we all need," according to the PM, who urged people to get their boosters.

Mr Johnson's target will necessitate the administration of around one million vaccines per day, and he insisted that all science shows that getting a booster now CAN see protection rise again, stressing: "vaccination is the key to beating Covid, and it works."

"Today we are launching the Omicron Emergency Boost - a national mission unlike anything we have done before in the vaccination program - to Get Boosted Now," the Prime Minister told the nation.

"I promised a fortnight ago that by the end of January, we would offer a booster to every eligible adult."

"As a result of the Omicron Emergency, I'm moving that target forward by a month."

"Everyone over the age of 18 in England who is eligible will be able to get their booster before the New Year."

Because of the massive booster drive, NHS leaders will be forced to cancel some routine appointments in order to get all hands on deck and get 19 million jabs in arms before the end of the year.

However, the PM warned that if the jab rollout isn't accelerated now, there could be a "massive" outbreak of Omicron infections next year, causing cancellations and disruptions such as cancer appointments.

It comes after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the nation on Wednesday to announce Plan B, which includes making masks mandatory in some indoor settings and introducing vaccine passports.

People are encouraged to work from home if at all possible starting tomorrow, but some fear-mongering scientists have said that more action is needed before Christmas.

Mr Johnson has now revealed that the booster scheme will be available in England starting tomorrow to every adult over the age of 18 who has had a second dose of the vaccine at least three months ago.

Everyone will be able to use the NHS Booking System starting on Wednesday, but adults will be able to walk in from tomorrow in some areas.

"We will also support this emergency operation by deploying 42 military planning teams across the country, establishing additional vaccine sites and mobile units, extending clinic hours so that clinics are open seven days a week, with more appointments early in the morning, late at night, and on weekends, and training thousands more volunteer vaccinators," the PM added.

"And in the days ahead, we'll lay out more steps."

He warned that if a large number of people got the new variant, the NHS would be overwhelmed, which would "lead sadly to many deaths."

On Saturday, pharmacies, hospitals, and walk-in clinics administered 530,086 booster shots, bringing the total to 23 million.

However, only 40% of the population has received one so far, leaving the PM with a huge task of speeding up the rollout.

The announcement comes after the UK's Covid alert level was raised to four today as Omicron cases continue to rise. The Prime Minister will address the nation on the spread of the variant and provide an update on the vaccine rollout.

The alert was raised to the second highest level, indicating "high" virus transmission and "widespread and substantial or rising" pressure on the NHS.

Omicron poses "a rapidly increasing risk to the public and healthcare services," according to the UK's Chief Medical Officers and NHS England's National Medical Director.

A move to level five would indicate that there was a "material risk" that healthcare services would be overburdened.

Omicron cases increased by 66% in 24 hours today, as Brits were urged to get their life-saving Covid booster shots.

A total of 54,073 Covid-19 infections were reported on Saturday, bringing the total to 10,771,444 infections.

There were another 132 deaths, bringing the total number of people killed in Covid-19 to 146,387.

And, as The Sun's Jabs Army campaign urges Brits to get their third vaccine, boosters will be crucial in protecting your loved ones this holiday season.

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