Check your voice notes now, because WhatsApp just changed the way voice notes work forever.

WHATSAPP's voice notes feature is about to get a lot better.

After fans practically begged for it, the chatting platform is finally launching Voice Message Preview.

WhatsApp voice messages are extremely popular, but they have long been associated with the fear of not being able to listen to what you've said.

"Now you can preview your voice message on WhatsApp before sending it, which is ideal for those moments when you want to get your message just right," WhatsApp said.

You'll be able to listen to your message again, as well as use hands-free recording for longer messages and faster playback.

To use the hands-free recording feature, open the chat you want to send the message in, touch the microphone, and slide up to lock it in.

Start speaking and then press the stop button when you're done.

The recording can then be played back by pressing the play button.

By tapping on the line, you'll be able to select any part of the recording to listen to again.

While the message is playing, click the 1x icon to speed up the playback.

If you want to re-record, tap the trash can and repeat the steps.

You can simply click send if you're satisfied.

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