Cops fear that alleged UK drug lords "may have been executed by a Brazilian cartel."

Detectives believe fugitive brothers accused of running a multimillion-pound organized crime empire were kidnapped and executed by a Brazilian drug gang.

Officers looking for brothers James, 48, and Barry Gillespie, 44, dubbed the Escobar Brothers in Brazil, have informed the brothers' relatives that they "may have come to harm" while on the run in South America.

Insiders say the Gillespie brothers asked gang leaders to help them stay one step ahead of the authorities after police issued a public appeal for information about their whereabouts. The Gillespie brothers are linked to a massive drugs and ammunition racket that led to Scotland being flooded with cocaine and a string of street shootings, and insiders say they asked gang leaders to help them stay one step ahead of the authorities after police issued a public appeal for information about their whereabouts.

However, it is claimed that the relationship deteriorated when local law enforcement officials began demanding even more money.

"It's been reported that one of the brothers was kidnapped and the other was told to go get money."

For months, no one has heard from either of them, not even their closest friends and family.

"They used to keep in touch with a few trusted friends who would run errands for them."

"Everyone believes they've died."

Gillespie family members have been informed by Police Scotland that detectives have obtained information about the brothers' safety.

However, they are still looking for the couple and are appealing to the public for assistance.

"Police Scotland officers have been in contact with the families of James and Barry Gillespie following inquiries that led them to believe both men may have come to harm," a spokesman said.

"However, extensive investigations into both men's current whereabouts are ongoing, and anyone with information about their current whereabouts should contact Police Scotland."

The Gillespies of Rutherglen, near Glasgow, are on Scotland's most wanted list after being accused of serious organized crime offenses.

They are being sought as part of a global investigation into weapons trafficking, drug trafficking, and money laundering.

Both men are wanted for "directing serious and organized crime throughout the UK and Europe," according to the Crimestoppers website.

The pair, known in Scotland's underworld as "The Brothers," are said to be linked to a gang that was sentenced to 87 years in prison in 2018.

Drugs, firearms, violence, and dirty money were among the charges brought against the nine-man gang.

After failing to pay a £30,000 drug debt, victim Robert Allan was assaulted.

He was beaten with a thick chain, slammed against a metal bar, and battered with a 14-pound sledgehammer.

He was then told to take off his clothes and sprayed with bleach.

Allan was shot in both knees and dumped at an East Kilbride roundabout.

After agreeing to testify against his assailants, he was given a new identity and placed on a witness protection program.

In 2019, European Arrest Warrants were issued for the arrests of the Gillespies.

Customs officers discovered a £31 million consignment of the Class A drug in the back of a Scottish haulage company's truck.

They discovered the stash in a lorry in Montpellier.

Cash registers and coffee were also on board.

According to police, the Gillespies, who describe themselves as property developers, have used aliases to avoid detection.

James has assumed the identity of Stephen Taylor, while Barry has assumed the identity of Eamon Fitzpatrick.

Before moving to Brazil, the brothers lived in the Algarve region of Portugal and Dubai.

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