Ex-Red Bull Formula One driver swapped racing for raunchiness in the sex toy industry.

After moving away from the track to start a sex toy business in his homeland of the Netherlands, ex-Formula One driver Robert Doornbos traded in his racing career for raunchiness.

During his three-year F1 career, Doornbos drove for both Minardi and Red Bull, as well as serving as a test driver for Jordan a year before his first Minardi seat.

However, after co-founding Amsterdam-based sex toy company Kiiroo in 2016, the Dutchman chose to give up his racing career.

The obscene company claims to provide sex toys to partners in long-distance relationships.

According to the company's website, it sells "next-generation toys for long-distance couples."

Kiiroo's specialty is 'cyberdildonic' toys, in which the male 'onyx' tool connects to the female's 'pearl' device via bluetooth from separate locations.

The toys "facilitate intimate touch from anywhere in the world, at any time," according to the website.

Customers can "store Onyx on your dresser, let it stand proudly on your coffee table, or lay it neatly in a drawer," according to the company, which was co-founded by the former Formula One driver.

The futuristic fetish was described by Forbes in 2016 as "as remote-controlled sex, but you control what's happening on the other end."

Doornbos was seen celebrating his fellow countryman Max Verstappen's first Formula One world title victory in Abu Dhabi yesterday, posting a video on his personal Instagram celebrating in front of the TV as the 24-year-old crossed the finish line.

Doornbos was seen in the video jumping up and down while working as a pundit on Dutch television, shouting "Maxi!"

"Champion of the world, yes!" he said before adding.

The 40-year-old's Instagram story later featured a video of him and his Dutch colleagues popping champagne and spraying it all over the TV studio in celebration of Verstappen's dramatic victory.

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