Expert warns that the Queen's absence from the spotlight is 'problematic because the Royals require repair.'

The Queen's absence from the public eye is "problematic when the Royal Family requires repair," according to a royal expert.

According to Daniela Elser, Her Majesty's role as a figurehead and unifying totem is most needed right now.

"The royals have scraped their way through a year of publicity so bad, and so new depths of debasement, that Fergie's toe-sucking shenanigans now look positively humdrum," she said.

"Of course, Prince Andrew, Harry, and Meghan are the key players to blame for this sorry state of affairs."

Andrew became the first member of the Royal Family to be publicly accused of sexual assault in August, when Virginia Giuffre, a former sex trafficking victim of Jeffrey Epstein, claimed he sexually abused her three times, despite Andrew's denials.

"Regardless of whether Andrew and his pitbull lawyers win in court, the stain of Andrew and Epstein's friendship is a stain that will never come out for the royal family," Elser said.

When the Sussexes had a two-hour sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey in early March, Elser claims they "unleashed the sort of barrage the palace has not faced since German bombers turned up in British airspace."

"The Sussexes' accusations of deliberate racism, cruelty, and a horrifying lack of compassion have indelibly marked the palace's image," she continued.

The royal commentator believes that the monarchy needs a lot of "repair" work, which no one can do more effectively or quickly than the Queen.

"That is, of course, why her prolonged absence from public life is so problematic," Elser added.

Buckingham Palace has been contacted for comment by the Daily Star.

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