F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix LIVE: Updates as Hamilton and Verstappen battle it out for the championship

MAX VERSTAPPEN has won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in a thrilling and contentious finale.

A safety car pinned Lewis Hamilton, allowing Verstappen to pit for new tyres while Hamilton was unable to stop.

With one lap to go, the pair had to race off, and with a fresh set of tyres, it was up to Verstappen to win.

The safety car appears to have pulled the rug out from under Hamilton's feet, resulting in the biggest Formula One controversy ever.

With 20 laps to go, Hamilton had the option of changing his tyres, but opted to keep an old set in order to close in on the world champion.

After the Brit got an incredible start on his rival, the two collided in the first lap.

However, following an investigation, stewards decided not to penalize the reigning world champion.

Instead of giving Verstappen a spot back, he only had to give him time.

Red Bull were convinced he didn't ease up and complain, but the stewards were convinced he did. Follow our live blog for all the latest from Yas Marina.

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