Fans of Tom Hanks are unlikely to know that this character is gay.

Tom Hanks has consistently delivered strong performances across the board since breaking onto the big screen in the mid-1980s.

In some films, such as Apollo 13, Bridge of Spies, and Catch Me If You Can, the actor is portraying real-life people, but he's also created some incredibly iconic characters.

Woody from Toy Story, the titular hero in Forrest Gump, and Captain Miller in Saving Private Ryan are among them, but even Hanks' most ardent fans may be unaware that one of his most underappreciated characters is gay.

In 1996, Hanks and-hashtag-8212; fresh off back-to-back Academy Award wins and-hashtag-8212; took his first steps behind the camera.

That Thing You Do!, the film in question, depicts the rise and fall of a fictional pop band in the 1960s.

Hanks rounded out the cast with more experienced actors like Bill Cobbs, Giovanni Ribisi, and even his wife, Rita Wilson, in addition to a cast of up-and-comers like Tom Everett Scott, Charlize Theron, and Steve Zahn.

Mr. White, The Wonders' manager, is played by Tom Hanks, who has a limited amount of screen time due to the story's focus on the dynamics within the band.

In fact, viewers only get to know him in terms of how he interacts with and manages the band's career in the music industry, but That Thing You Do! almost sheds some light on Mr. White's personal life.

Mr. White is actually a gay man, according to the extended edition of That Thing You Do!, as reported by IndieWire.

He is tending to a very drunk Guy (Scott) in one scene, while a mysterious man (Howie Long) in a tuxedo patiently waits across the street.

When Mr. White spots him, he exclaims that they'll be "fashionably late," presumably to an event they're both supposed to attend.

Eventually, the two get in their car and drive away together.

Although the romance isn't overt in the film, Hanks makes a clear statement about Mr. White's sexuality in this scene.

The fact that the film was released in 1996 and is set in the 1960s is likely to blame for the under-representation of a same-sex relationship.

After all, the scene didn't even make the theatrical cut, but it does add a welcome bit of diversity to the film and a glimpse into the mysterious Mr. White's private life.

Even though That Thing You Do! barely made its dollar26 million production budget in theaters and-hashtag-8212; according to Box Office Mojo and-hashtag-8212; it didn't hurt Hanks' career behind or in front of the camera, as he landed back-to-back hits in Saving Private Ryan and You've Got Mail, both released in 1998.

Despite films like The Ladykillers, Cloud Atlas, and The Circle underperforming, Hanks' star has never truly faded.

In 2011, he even returned to directing for Larry Crowne, a film starring himself and Julia Roberts.

And with Toy Story 4 in 2019, he scored his biggest hit yet.

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