Fans Vote on Who Should Win Survivor 41: The Final Six

Fans are anticipating the season finale of "Survivor 41," which will air on Wednesday, December 15. With six contestants remaining in the game andndash; Ricard Foyandeacute;, Erika Casupanan, Heather Aldret, Xander Hastings, Deshawn Radden, and Danny McCray andndash; fans are eager to give their thoughts on each remaining contestant and their chances.

Here's everything you need to know about the season's penultimate episode, which will air tonight.

Fans appear to have settled on a clear frontrunner for the season, and it hasnandrsquo;t changed since their big move in episode 7 nullifying Lianaandrsquo;s Knowledge Is Power advantage.

In a recent audience poll conducted by Gold Derby following episode 11, Xander received more votes than all of the other contestants combined.

Xander received approximately 54% of the vote, with Ricard coming in second with approximately 22%.

Fans seem to feel the same way about Deshawn as they did about Shan Smith after her exit, with the former receiving about 3% of the vote and Heather, who has had little screentime up until this point, receiving only 2%. Fans online seem to agree, with one posting on the showandrsquo;s subreddit asking fans to rank their contestants from favorite to least favorite.

Xanderandrsquo;s average appeared to be the highest, with Ricard unsurprisingly coming in second (many fans giving him the -hashtag-1 spot over Xander) and Erika mostly coming in third.

Heather's lackluster edit and shallow character arc have led many fans to dismiss her as even remotely viable.

Despite the fact that Xander was in the hot seat as recently as episode 9, his luck appears to have changed for the better, as he escaped both unscathed and without a single vote in the last two Tribals.

He and Erika, on the other hand, have taken a shine to Ricard, whom many (including, most vocally, Shan) see as a legitimate contender to win if he makes it to the end.

Despite the fact that she hasnandrsquo;t had much screen time up to this point, Erika has emerged as a possible front-runner for the win, especially if Ricard or Xander donandrsquo;t make it to the finale.

For starters, Erika is the only serious female contender left in a season that has seen six consecutive male winners (and twelve of the last fifteen winners have been men).

Despite the fact that fans believe Xander or Ricard will win, with Erika as a distant possibility, "Survivor" has proven to be extremely volatile, especially in light of strategic powerhouse Shan Smithandrsquo;s exit.

Any fan knows that anything can happen, and fans (and contestants) should be prepared for any surprises, especially given the new series of twists introduced in recent seasons.

Tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern, the 12th episode of "Survivor 41" will air on CBS.

Next week (Wednesday, December 15), the season finale will air at the same time.

The 42nd season will premiere on March 9, 2022.

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