Is your favorite drink exacerbating your hangover? Here's what to expect from each beverage.

If you overindulge in booze, it's difficult to avoid feeling a little worse for wear.

However, some drinks will leave you feeling better than others, so before you order that glass, find out if your favorite can cause a more severe hangover.

Obviously, how much you drink and whether you drink water while doing so play a role, but other factors such as sugar content and the fermentation process of your beverage can make a significant difference.

Knowing that stronger spirits can prolong your hangover or that sweeter drinks cause more pain is something your future self will appreciate.

You're more likely to have muscle aches and nausea the next day if you do this.

This is due to the fact that darker drinks contain more congeners, which are by-products of the fermentation process.

This category includes rum, whiskey, red wine, and brandy.

They may prolong your hangover by forcing your body to break down the alcohol and congeners.

And this can aggravate headaches, nausea, and muscle aches.

They can also be toxic, preventing your body from repairing itself the next day.

Red wine is well known for leaving drinkers with headaches the next day, but why is that?

It contains natural elements called tyramine and histamine, which can cause a headache the next day because blood vessels are constricted.

Some claim to get headaches or migraines within 15 minutes of drinking a glass of wine.

Organic red wine, according to Kerry Beeson, Nutritional Therapist at Optibac Probiotics, may be a better alternative.

"Alcohol, like foods that tend to go hand in hand with alcohol - high sugar, high fat, and heavily processed - can reduce friendly bacteria levels in our gut, creating a double whammy assault on the gut and the friendly microbes that live there," she said.

"However, opting for organic red wine, which has been shown to be beneficial in small doses," says the author.

This holiday beverage is more likely to make you tired, dizzy, and shaky.

That's because, while mulled wine has less booze after being heated, it has added sugar on top of the natural sugars, causing your blood sugar to spike.

This can lead to hyperglycemia, a condition in which your body reacts to too much or too little glucose in the bloodstream.

It can cause unpleasant symptoms the next day as your body attempts to recover.

It's best to stick to clear spirits with non-flavored mixers if you want to keep your blood sugar on a more even keel.

This could be the winner now.

Tequila may allow you to wake up without a hangover if you don't go too crazy.

This is because the 100% agave drink has a different fermentation process than the good quality versions.

This reduces the amount of sugar and congeners in it, making you feel better the next day.

As long as you don't have too many shots and stay hydrated - and, of course, with any alcohol, drink in moderation.

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