Jacob Bertrand, a member of the cast of 'Cobra Kai,' was caught mocking his girlfriend.

The Cobra Kai cast has gotten pretty close after four seasons.

Eagle Fang students Hawk and Miguel are played by Jacob Bertrand and Xolo Mariduea, respectively.

They started a podcast called Lone Lobos ahead of the fourth season of Cobra Kai.

Bertrand and Mariduea share personal stories on their podcast, even if they aren't always flattering.

Bertrand recently got into some hot water with his girlfriend, and Mariduea was there to make him feel bad about it. Cobra Kai is a film franchise based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bertrand and Mariduea share a room while filming, and their third roommate is Joe Seo, a member of the Cobra Kai cast.

Betrand mocked his girlfriend, Serena Pullen, in a scene set by Mariduea.

Mariduea even imitated Bertrand's tone of voice.

On the 12th of October, Mariduea said, "This was the funniest thing ever."

"The other day, Jacob's girlfriend came to our apartment and said, 'Oh my gosh, Jacob, you have so much chocolate milk in your fridge,' because we have four cartons of chocolate milk in our fridge, and he said, 'You have so many cartons of chocolate milk.' She walks out the door and looks back at Jacob with these daggers and says, 'So that's what my voice sounds like, huh?'

Hawk might do something like that on Cobra Kai.

Pullen, fortunately, did not become Bertrand's ex-girlfriend as a result of the voice.

"Jacob had the most uneasy look I'd ever seen," Mariduea said.

"It was as if he never does an impression of his girlfriend around her, and she was like, 'So that's what my voice sounds like sometimes, huh?'"

Pullen was well aware of his proclivity for impersonation.

She had no idea the Cobra Kai star would turn on her.

Bertrand said, "I've never claimed to be good at impressions."

"It's like, 'She doesn't sound like that, that's so demeaning.' So when she heard her own, she was like, 'Oh wow, really?'"

Bertrand recalled another incident with Pullen in which he came dangerously close to crossing the line.

They were both enamored with HoYeun Jung, the star of the Squid Game.

Bertrand explained, "We were watching the show."

"If I'm watching something, I'll never volunteer my opinion of thinking a girl is pretty on a show; I'll wait for her to say, 'Wow, that girl is beautiful,' and then it's like okay, it's safe to say yes, I agree that girl is quite cute.'"

Bertrand admitted that he had previously made the same error.

Bertrand said, "I've definitely done that before."

'Oh really, you do? Oh, that's great,' I say. 'I'm like man, I think Rachel McAdams is so pretty.'

Bertrand was still being irritated by Mariduea, who reminded him that he had just committed his relationship strategy to a podcast recording.

"The best part is that this is a lose-lose situation because A, we know your girlfriend listens to this podcast," Mariduea explained.

"B, you've now revealed your method of operation, your secret"

Bertrand had second thoughts, but the podcast was not edited to remove it.

"You know what's funny, I feel like she doesn't listen to it in my head, but then I realize she does," Bertrand explained.

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