Lacey Chabert Dedicates Her New Christmas Film To Her Late Sister

Lacey Chabert announced on social media that her new Christmas film, "Christmas at Castle Hart," is dedicated to her sister Wendy.

Wendy died a few days before Thanksgiving, and Chabert died a few days later.

Chabert revealed that one of the movie's characters reminded her of her sister, Wendy.

She stated that she wasn't interested.

"Given the circumstances, I came out on top."

"I didn't do it."

Chabert hasn't done anything yet.

On Saturday, November 27, she revealed that one of the characters in her new film

"In an odd twist of fate, one of the things that distinguishes this Christmas film from my others is that it actually features a beautiful sister relationship," she wrote.

"Wendy was the funny one; she was always the first to have some outlandish plan that usually got us into a little bit of fun trouble and had us laughing so hard tears rolled down our cheeks. Margo reminded me of Wendy, and @alihardiman brings this character to life in the most perfect way!"

She then went on to express her gratitude to the entire cast and crew of the film.

Her friends and coworkers chimed in with their support.

"I love you and we can," Jonathan Bennett wrote.

Chabert thanked her friends and followers for their outpouring of love in a previous Instagram post, which she shared on Thanksgiving Day.

"There," she continued.

Wendy had been one of Melissa Joan Hart's dearest friends, she replied.

"When we moved to the city, she was my dearest friend, and I have wonderful memories of singing showtunes and the soundtracks to Bodyguard and Robin Hood at the top of our lungs in your apartment," Hart wrote.

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