'LuLaRich': Derryl Trujillo Set Strict Rules for Appearing in Documentaries

Derryl Trujillo rose to fame as a result of LuLaRich. In the Amazon series about the multi-level marketing apparel company, the LulaRoe home office employee became a big whistleblower. It turns out that getting Trujillo into the series wasn't easy.On November 16, LuLaRich producers Cori Shepherd Stern and Blye Faust spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet by Zoom. They share what it took to put Trujillo in the show in the aftermath of the Amazon series.Derryl Trujillo's appearance on 'LuLaRich' was subject to severe guidelines.

By the time LuLaRich was filming, Trujillo had left LuLaRoe and was working as a sports journalist. Stern stated that Trujillo supports the LuLaRoe exposé but would not give up his current position for it.

"I guess we had to coordinate with Derryl's job," Stern explained. "I believe the director had to work with Derryl to ensure Derryl had time off." Coordinate around that; he takes his profession seriously and wanted to be sure he was accessible for the interviews."

Fans of 'LuLaRich' adore Derryl Trujillo.

Trujillo is one of many remarkable persons featured in LuLaRich, according to Stern. She has been observing Trujillo's social activities since the series first aired.

"We adore Derryl," Stern stated. "He's a volleyball official." On Twitter and Facebook, he received a lot of love and attention. 'I'm going to buy you that cranberry vodka,' so many people said. The attention does not cause him to turn his head. He appreciates it, but he's still officiating games and is really interested in volleyball."

Sten and Faust, as well as LuLaRich directors Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nason, expressed hope that audiences would react well to Trujillo.

"I went back through our early notes and it was just like, 'I love this guy, we love this man.'" "He's incredible," Stern added. "We figured if other people felt the same way we do about him, he'd be a star." So, sure, there were early discussions among all of the executive producers and directors about how fantastic this guy is."

Derryl Trujillo's boycott has yet to elicit a response from Kelly Clarkson.

Trujillo's proclamation that he will boycott Kelly Clarkson was one of his most endearing comments in LuLaRich. Clarkson was a favorite singer of his. Trujillo, on the other hand, claims he can't listen to her music anymore because she played at a LuLaRoe event. Faust is still hoping for a response from Clarkson.

"We're still hoping," Faust added. "It's not too late."

Stern even recommended Clarkson perform her duet with Trujillo to make amends.

"He's been practicing," Stern explained. "That Jason Aldean/Kelly Clarkson tune is his karaoke song." So he's been working on his part of the duet, and if Kelly wants to step up, he's ready."

Stern stated that Clarkson was more personal to Trujillo than Katy Perry, who also performed at a LuLaRoe event.

"I'm not sure if he boycotted Katy Perry," Stern stated. "I think it was a personal thing for him because he has such affection for Kelly that he took it very personally that someone he sees as so wonderful, and I think we all see Kelly as so nice, would unwittingly get caught up in something like that."

Both Clarkson and Perry, according to Faust, might still respond to the call to come out against LulaRoe, and it could work in their favor.

"They haven't yet, but it's not too late," Faust explained. "Come on, ladies, let's go. Take a step forward. This series has a lot of positive feedback in the market. There is a lot of noise out there. If they did, I believe it would bring the internet to a halt. At this point, people would go insane, and there would be a lot of awareness. We hope they will.

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