Mum's toilet 'explodes,' covering the flat in raw sewage and forcing her to leave.

After a toilet "explosion," a horrified mother was forced to leave her flat, which was covered in raw sewage.

On November 29, Awen Hardy returned home to find "every single room" in her flat covered in raw sewage, and she claims that the local council is still no closer to fixing the problem despite her calling them 32 times, according to NottinghamshireLive.

"The things that are ruined and the smell in there is absolutely unbelievable," Awen, 31, said.

"My brand new carpet is ruined, my children's clothes and shoes are ruined, and I'm not sure if the smell will ever leave the sofa or wardrobe."

On Sunday, November 28, Ms Hardy discovered a blockage in her toilet and reported it to the council.

She relocated herself and her two sons, ages six and eight, to a friend's home, then returned to the flat the next day to paint.

However, what she discovered turned her stomach.

"It was literally full of water when I walked into the flat," she said.

"It appeared as if the toilet had just exploded all over the place."

To put it another way, the smell is unlike anything I've ever smelled before.

"It's almost as if I'm being robbed."

"I had new carpets put down the Friday before it happened," she continued, "but the fact that they left someone's home in that condition for nine days is just unbelievable."

The council had shown "no urgency" and "no remorse," according to Ms Harding.

Her youngest child, who has autism, has found the repulsive episode particularly difficult.

"My oldest son is also very upset about it, and I've had Christmas presents delivered through the door that are now ruined," she explained.

The council offered the family temporary housing in the meantime, but Ms Hardy declined because it was only one bedroom and she claimed it was in a "known area for drug users."

Broxtowe Borough Council has apologized to Ms Harding and stated that the matter is being handled "immediately."

"We have had a team at the property on a daily basis," a spokesperson said.

This is a very complicated and unusual case, and despite extensive investigation, we have yet to be able to resolve it.

"To try to resolve the issue, we're working with a number of contractors, including Severn Trent Water."

"We are deeply sorry that the family is going through this, and we hope to resolve the issue as soon as possible," they continued.

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