Nicholas Latifi had been warned about the tight Abu Dhabi track four years prior to the accident.

Four years ago, engineers warned Nicholas Latifi about the difficulty of the Yas Marina track in Abu Dhabi.

On Sunday, the Canadian crashed on turn 14, prompting the use of a late-race safety car, which had a significant impact on the winner of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and the 2021 World Drivers' Championship.

The race was restarted with a single lap to go after Latifi crashed his Williams car into the barriers, and Max Verstappen passed Lewis Hamilton to win his first championship.

However, Latifi claimed that members of his team warned him about the tightness of the track during a Formula Two race on the same track just four years ago.

"My engineer was always telling me I never got close enough to that wall. he didn't say it anymore after this-hashtag-AbuDhabiGP-hashtag-F2," he wrote on social media in November 2017, alongside a video of him clipping a corner.

In the Yas Marina Formula 2 round, Latifi finished 12th, with Artem Markelov taking the win.

"It was a tough race out there today," Latifi said, "and we were struggling for pace throughout."

"I was racing with Mick Schumacher near the end of the Grand Prix and was forced slightly wide, but fairly, at turn nine."

"My tyres became dirty as a result of running off track, and I then made a small error and crashed, which was obviously not how I wanted to end our season, so it's disappointing."

For the crash, Christian Horner joked that he would give Latifi a lifetime supply of Red Bull.

"I'm sure he'll get a lifetime supply of Red Bull," the team principal told Channel 4. "We needed something from the racing gods in the last 10 laps," he later told Sky Sports.

"Thank you for the safety car, Nicholas Latifi."

I have something to say to the stewards.

They did an excellent job of restarting the race.

"We yelled at him (Masi), 'let them race!'"

It's been an insane competition, and Max's victory in the world championship means a lot more than just here.

"I have to give Lewis full credit; he has been a phenomenal opponent all year, and he is a great champion, which makes winning this even more valid."

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