'Old school' posters adorn the inside of a rotting and abandoned 'time capsule' cinema.

A group of urban explorers captured a "time capsule" cinema and its deserted halls on film.

The decaying Danillo building in Hinckley, Leicestershire, has "old school" posters and rotting seats on display.

Photos show the interior of the shuttered movie theater, which first opened in 1937.

Since it was abandoned 15 years ago, the cinema has been closed to the public, with its interiors covered in broken glass, asbestos, and rotting floorboards.

The building recently removed a security grate amid concerns that someone may have broken in, according to LeicestershireLive, and explorers were advised to stay away from the dilapidated cinema.

Breaking into the former cinema and sports bar was "very dangerous," according to a police spokesperson, and those who attempted it risked "serious injury" as well as criminal charges.

"This type of activity can be very dangerous," they said.

"Not only could they face criminal charges such as criminal damage, but they could also sustain serious injuries, so we advise them not to engage in this activity."

The venue, which was previously known as The Danilo, then the Cannon, and finally the All Bar Sports Bar, has seen wear and tear both inside and out.

Damp and wood rot have eaten away at the flooring, and the interior is littered with broken glass, asbestos, and loose nails.

The Danilo had 1,250 seats, two dressing rooms, and a small stage when it first opened. In 1973, it reopened as the Essoldo, a three-screen cinema that later became the Cannon.

This isn't the first time that the abandoned structure has been broken into.

Officers discovered four men inside in 2017 who claimed they were there "purely out of curiosity" after breaking in through a broken window.

Officers had to risk their own safety, along with a deployed police dog, to investigate, according to a police warning posted on social media.

Urban explorers have attempted to gain access to the building and document it on online video-sharing platforms.

A few photos of the abandoned building were taken by one person.

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