Omicron'may only cause cold-like symptoms in the elderly if they are vaccinated,' according to the CDC.

Even in the elderly, super-transmissible Omicron may only cause minor cold-like symptoms if they have been stabbed, according to a top scientist.

Despite being highly contagious, preliminary research suggests that the new strain does not cause serious disease as frequently as the Delta variant.

Professor Tim Spector of King's College London looked into UK Omicron super-spreader events involving older people and discovered that the patients mostly got "sniffles."

"What we've seen so far is that symptoms are very, very mild," he said.

"The majority of my information comes from a single large event, a 60th birthday celebration in which 18 people aged 60 to 75 spent the night in a hotel together."

"The majority of them had cold symptoms, such as sniffles, sore throat, and fatigue."

"Only two people had the classic Covid symptoms of fever and loss of taste or smell."

"No one needed to see a doctor or go to the hospital."

He went on to say that everyone at the party had been double-jabbed and that some had received a booster.

Imperial College London's Professor Sian Griffiths added:

"It is our responsibility to consider how we adapt our lives."

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