Only two weeks after 'four students were killed,' school buildings were closed due to a threat.

Following an online threat, all schools in Oxford, Michigan closed their doors on Tuesday.

The scare comes just two weeks after Ethan Crumbley is accused of shooting and killing four students at a city high school.

On Monday, the Oxford school district received an image from social media with a specific threat directed at a middle school.

"We received an image from social media today, December 13, that included a specific threat directed at our middle school," school officials wrote on the district's website.

"We immediately alerted law enforcement, who are currently conducting an investigation."

We are canceling school in all of our buildings on Tuesday, December 14th, out of an abundance of caution.

"While our security experts and law enforcement conduct their investigation, we plan to conduct a full security check of all our buildings; we apologize for any inconvenience and ask for your patience and understanding during this difficult time."

"Please speak with your students and remind them that all threats at Oxford Community Schools will be taken seriously, investigated by law enforcement, and prosecuted to the full extent of the law," the school district added.

The threat comes just two weeks after Ethan, 15, allegedly opened fire at Oxford High School, killing four students on November 30.

Tate Myre, 16, Hana St. Juliana, 14, Justin Shilling, 17, and Madisyn Baldwin, 17, were among the students killed in the shooting. According to Oakland County Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard, Ethan had two "discipline meetings" at the school - one the day before and the fatal shooting.

"There is nothing he could have gone through that would justify senseless, ruthless violence against other children," he said.

The 15-year-old is facing four counts of first-degree murder, terrorism, and assault as an adult.

Ethan appeared in court on Monday as his legal team fought to get him out of the Oakland County Jail, where he was being held with adult inmates, including his parents.

The idea was introduced in the hearing by attorney Deborah H. McKelvy and Ethan's appointed defender, Loftin, who argued that the teen had not shown evidence that he would be a "threat" to other juvenile inmates.

They suggested Ethan be transferred to the Oakland County Children's Village, which is a juvenile detention center.

McKelvy expressed "concerns for his mental and emotional well-being," as well as emphasizing that the Oakland County Jail is not "designed for juveniles."

Mark Keast, the prosecuting attorney, was adamantly opposed to the idea, claiming that Ethan was accused of "targeting juveniles" in the school shooting.

He also mentioned that there have been documented escapes from the Children's Village.

"This case is unlike any other," Keast argued, adding that he couldn't imagine "this defendant in a school environment after what he did."

Judge Nancy Carniak, who presided over the hearing, will have to decide whether Ethan can be relocated at a later date.

The 15-year-old's next court appearance is set for January 7,2022, at 9 a.m.

James and Jennifer Crumbley were charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter on December 3.

After the charges were filed against them, the couple vanished, but were later apprehended miles away from Oxford in the Mount Elliott and Lafayette areas of Detroit.

Four counts of involuntary manslaughter have been filed against the Crumbleys, and they have pleaded not guilty.

If convicted on all four counts, they face a maximum prison sentence of 60 years and fines of $30,000 each.

During their arraignment hearing, a district judge declared the couple a "flight risk."

Ethan and his parents are reportedly being held in solitary confinement and are being monitored for suicide attempts.

Since the killings, disturbing details about the teen's "desire to kill his peers" and how his parents dealt with the situation have emerged.

The gun used in the school shooting, according to police, was a Sig Sauer 9mm handgun that Ethan's parents had purchased for him the day after Thanksgiving as an early Christmas present.

The now-accused murderer is said to have boasted about the weapon on social media, posting a photo of it to Instagram and referring to it as his "new beauty."

Jennifer wrote her own Instagram post the next day, detailing how she and Ethan had spent the day testing the new gun.

Jennifer is said to have written in the now-deleted post, "Mom and son day testing out his new Christmas present."

Jennifer and James were summoned to Oxford High three days later, on the morning of the shooting, after a teacher discovered a disturbing note on the teen's desk.

The note also included a drawing of a semi-automatic handgun pointing towards the words "the thoughts won't stop, help me," and "blood everywhere," according to Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald.

The drawing also included what appeared to be the body of a person who had been shot twice, as well as a laughing emoji and the phrases "my life is useless" and "the world is dead."

Ethan was removed from class, and his parents were told to seek counseling for their son within 48 hours.

They allegedly resisted the idea of removing him from school for the remainder of the day, and Ethan returned to class.

Ethan then allegedly exited a school bathroom and began moving through a hallway at a "methodical pace," indiscriminately shooting students in hallways and classrooms at close range, according to investigators.

Around five minutes after the attack began, the 15-year-old surrendered to cops.

He allegedly handed over the same Sig Sauer 9mm that he boasted about on social media a few days before.

The 9mm handgun was allegedly kept in an unlocked safe inside Jennifer and James' bedroom, according to prosecutors.

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