Over XXXL kit delays, lardy lags are struggling to find plus-sized clobber.

Porky inmates are having trouble finding clothes that fit their waistlines.

Inmates have complained that they can't get their hands on plus-size clothing.

Some lardy lags with waistlines, such as Fletch from TV's Porridge, have been looking for XXXL togs that fit people with waistlines of up to 55in.

According to a report on the conditions at Bristol Prison, transgender inmates had trouble finding female clothing that fit.

"Issues have occurred - for example, with the delayed provision of XXXL kit or the provision of kit from the female estate for transgender and other prisoners," the jail's Independent Monitoring Board said.

"The standard of food provision remains good," the report said, adding that canteen chiefs are tackling obesity.

"The use of dedicated 'one portion' containers has improved portion control."


On Friday, the Ministry of Justice did not respond to a request for comment.

The stereotypical slops of porridge have been banned from prison, according to the prison newspaper Inside Time, because they can be used to jam door locks.

Instead, lags are treated to a diverse menu and a lavish feast on Christmas Day.

YorkshireLive obtained the Christmas Day lunch menu from Category A prison via a Freedom of Information request.

A 'traditional Xmas dinner,' half a roast chicken, half a halal roast chicken, a mushroom and spinach kiev, or a vegan wellington slice will be available to inmates.

Roast potatoes, sprouts, carrots, and gravy are served with all main courses.

Inmates who do not complete their selection form will be served the vegan option.

Last week, it was revealed that drug addicts may be forced to go cold turkey in order to break their addiction.

New plans have been drawn up in response to concerns that methadone treatments will make offenders "indefinitely" dependent on the drug.

The 12-week Forward Trust programs use therapy and AA-style sessions in drug-free wings to keep lags clean.

Inmates were caught smuggling the mind-altering drug spice into their cells a year ago by spraying it on their underwear.

Inmates then cut them up and smoke them.

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