PHOTO: Kailyn Lowry Is Criticized For Her 'Tacky' Home Accents

Kailyn Lowry, star of "Teen Mom 2," was chastised after she shared new photos of her home construction in Delaware.

Although the mother of four proudly displayed her three new light fixtures, not everyone was impressed.

The MTV personality polled her fans on whether they liked or disliked the accents.

All of the light fixtures were trimmed in gold.

Two of them featured exposed sphere-shaped light bulbs, while the third was a mid-century modern chandelier.

While most of her Instagram followers praised the new accessories, not everyone on Reddit was so complimentary.

Some simply said the lights were "ugly," while others were more eloquent in their remarks.

"These are going to date horribly, and the 'gold' color is very cheap," one social media user wrote. "Some of her house style is on point, but she adds in super tacky accents."

Some people were concerned that the accents wouldn't hold up over time.

They said, "I don't hate them; they'd look cool in a restaurant or hotel lobby."

"The issue with these is that they are very trendy right now and will be completely out of date in a year or two."

Others defended Lowry, claiming that the style she chose is fashionable.

"I don't despise them," one commenter said.

"They have a modern, possibly Sputnik vibe to them, which I think is quite popular right now."

Lowry wrote that she was "obsessed" with the light fixtures, and joked that her youngest son andmdash; 1-year-old Creed andmdash; would call the sphere-shaped bulbs balloons, regardless of what viewers thought.

Lowry has been candid about documenting her home construction process, which has attracted trolls.

People have attacked the house for a variety of reasons, including the light fixtures she chose, the tile she chose, and her decision to paint one of her ceilings black.

Lowry admitted that people would either love or hate the tile in her home, which is white with asymmetrical black lines. "There's no in between," she wrote on Instagram in November 2021.

Building her own home from the ground up hasn't gone as smoothly as Lowry had hoped, and she admitted on Instagram that she wasn't enjoying the process.

But that won't deter her from trying again.

Lowry believes she will have a better understanding of what she needs to do the second time around. "This process and going through all of it is so different than what I anticipated it being," she said.

"I see myself selling this one and building another one in the near future because I now know what to expect and what measurements I want, and things like that."

Lowry thought she'd enjoy the experience when she first started.

"I thought it was going to be so much fun... I thought I'd never want to stop," she said in August 2021, "but I realized that I don't know if this is going to be the house that I want to stay in."

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