Ree Drummond, star of "The Pioneer Woman," complains that one aspect of her vacation makes her "tired and sad," and her fans completely understand.

Ree Drummond is enjoying her vacation in Vail, Colorado, but there's one aspect of the trip she'd rather avoid.

The Pioneer Woman star talked about her feelings about skiing, including the part that makes her "tired and sad."

Drummond shared a photo from her vacation trip to Vail with her daughter Alex and son-in-law Mauricio on Instagram on December 12th.

She offered her opinion on why skiing isn't for her.

There's a lot to juggle, according to the star of The Pioneer Woman, and one thing in particular makes her "tired and sad."

"I don't want to ski because there's a lot of renting and schlepping involved," she wrote in the caption.

"Plus, I like my anterior cruciate ligaments the way they are, which isn't torn; my hips are happier when they aren't taxed; and ski boots are heavy and make me feel tired and sad."

"Don't go to Colorado with Gen-Z'ers. They knoweth not about such matters," Drummond added.

Drummond's fans could understand her apprehension about skiing while on vacation.

One of her fans commented, "Agree! Pulled my calves skiing with my family last winter."

"I had to do PT for months and it did nothing for my 40-year-old body."

"Yep, tore my ACL while skiing... NEVER AGAIN!" wrote another fan.

"Oh, be gentle with bodies that can no longer bounce back like a spring; we can still do everything, but the aftershocks should be considered with caution," one fan advised.

"Yes, I left my kneecap on the slopes in Colorado. Very sad to lose my ACL there. You are a very wise woman!!" said another follower.

Fans of the Pioneer Woman star agreed with Drummond's complaints and offered plenty of suggestions for non-skiing activities she could do instead while on vacation.

"Why go through all of that work when you can look cute with a drink in the lodge?" wrote one fan, to which Ree replied, "Gosh, you get me."

"I would much rather shop in Colorado or find a good book, a roaring fire, and something warm to drink!" said one fan, while another added, "I do lodge fires and hot toddies รข that's it! Feel the same way as you!"

"Someone has to drink in the lodge!" and "SOMEBODY'S GOT TO DO THE SHOPPING!" said others.

One fan suggested, "Perhaps concentrate on apres ski and knocking back some hot toddies."

"Would you change your mind if the ski boots were more in the style of cowboy boots? It's certainly beautiful there"

Drummond documented some of the highlights of her trip on Instagram, including their epic brunch.

She also included a humorous ski poll.

"Should I ski with Alex and Mauricio on this trip?" prompted two responses, both of which were "No." Alex also asked her Instagram followers if her mother should join them on the slopes (responses were mixed).

"Skiing is for the young!" many fans agreed, while another added, "I totally get it, used to ski a lot in my 20's and 30's but now in my late 50's, no thanks! Lake Tahoe in the summer is my idea of fun!"

Another supporter chimed in with some advice.

They wrote, "'Youth is wasted on the young.'"

"In this, my fiftieth year, I have truly grasped the meaning of this phrase."

At this age, we can harm ourselves just sleeping."

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