Salt Bae's £1,400 steakhouse is now one of TripAdvisor's lowest-rated restaurants.

Despite being the second most expensive restaurant in the world, Salt Bae's Nusr-Et in Knightsbridge is one of London's lowest-rated restaurants on TripAdvisor.

The steakhouse was ranked 20,491 out of 23,811 restaurants in the city, with a two-star average rating on the site.

The prices of the dishes range from £17 to an outrageous £1,450.

A Golden Burger for £100 and a Golden Giant Tomahawk steak for £1,450 are two of the restaurant's specials.

Nusret Gke, also known as Salt Bae, is the Turkish chef, food entertainer, and restaurateur behind it all. His method for preparing and seasoning meat became an internet sensation in 2017, catapulting him to fame.

His luxury restaurant chain, which sells high-priced meat dishes, has sparked debate, according to MyLondon.

Some visitors have described Nusr-Et as a "treat," while others have called it an "insult to humanity."

"Worst food, worst service, paid over £1800 for three of us," one recent diner wrote. "Poor quality, smelly meat, small portions, rather spend £50 in the local restaurant will be better!"

"Never again! It's a death trap!" says the narrator.

"Like the brand, I've been to his place in Istanbul and it was fantastic," said another.

"The meat quality was poor here, and there was too much salt."

The food was simply awful.

"He should close this place before it ruins his reputation because the service is rude and there is a time limit on an a la carte restaurant!"

Diners have also compared Nusr-Et in London to his other restaurants in LA, Turkey, and Dubai, claiming that it falls short of his other locations.

While it is one of the cheapest restaurants on TripAdvisor, it is unquestionably one of the most expensive.

One diner recently posted a picture of his £37,000 dinner bill at London's Nusr-Et Steakhouse on social media.

A £850 Golden Tomahawk steak,16 Nusret Baklava's - a traditional Turkish dessert typically served with Matei Radulescu, a Turkish ice cream, one sauteed broccoli (£14), a portion of asparagus (£18), three herb-crusted fries (£30), and one side of mashed potato (£12) were among the items on the bill.

A vintage 1996 bottle of Petrus was worth £9,100 on its own, while two bottles of 2003 Petrus were worth £9,950 each.

Some customers, on the other hand, have been ecstatic with their experience, claiming that the high prices are well worth it for the overall experience.

"I couldn't wait to visit this restaurant and wow, it lived up to my expectations," one satisfied customer wrote.

"Excellent service, delicious food"

An overall enjoyable experience

"Furthermore, the two doormen were exemplary in their demeanor, making us feel welcome and a credit to your establishment."

"At the moment, it's the best meat restaurant in London," said another.

"It's not a cheap experience," they added, "but all of London's restaurants are overpriced."

Previous customers claim they were turned away at the door despite having a pre-booked reservation at London's Nusr-Et, while others claim they were told they had half an hour to finish their food in the middle of their meal.

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