The owner of a takeaway was forced to refund a customer who complained that his ice cream was too cold.

A enraged takeaway owner was forced to issue a refund to a customer who complained that their ice cream was too cold.

Hassan Habib has slammed fraudsters who take advantage of Just East's automatic money-back system, claiming that "some really bad, evil people" are robbing the company.

The owner of Lucky's in Oldham, Greater Manchester, was left with no choice but to cancel the restaurant's takeaway app deal due to suspicious and even outright brazen food complaints.

One of the most absurd refund requests Mr Habib has received was from a customer who wanted a refund on four milkshakes, a cheesecake, and ice cream because the food was cold.

Hassan told the Manchester Evening News that he can no longer afford to use Just Eat because automated refunds cost him hundreds of pounds every month.

He claims that when Just Eat tweaked its system to be more like its competitors Uber Eats and Deliveroo, where dissatisfied customers can more easily get their money back, suspicious refunds skyrocketed.

"We can see how many orders someone has placed on Just Eat or with us," Hassan explained. "I've seen someone who has ordered food from us but has never placed an order on Just Eat."

"They ordered four milkshakes, a cheesecake, and ice cream, then requested a refund 45 minutes later because the food was cold."

"That's just one of many examples - they simply order food, note that 'X, Y, Z' is wrong with it, issue a refund, and leave us to pay the bill."

"I fully understand that things go wrong; sometimes we miss items or send the wrong item out, but we make it up to our customers by providing a replacement or a fully entitled refund."

"However, some very bad, evil people have exploited this loophole, putting us in a very bad position."

Before issuing a refund, Just East contacted restaurants to verify that the request was legitimate.

The firm will now process refunds based on the information provided, charging the restaurant only for complaints within their control and giving the restaurant 30 days to contest any claims.

Although the change has not caused the suspicious refunds, the team has been frustrated by the two issues occurring at the same time.

Hassan, who previously worked at Akbar's in the city center before starting his own company, is urging Just Eat and its competitors to make it more difficult for users to take advantage of the system.

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Mr Habib hopes to stage a protest with up to 100 restaurants willing to turn off their order machines for an hour to express their dissatisfaction with the situation after speaking with several other owners.

"We have dining facilities," he continued, "but what about the restaurants that rely on deliveries?"

"People are sobbing hysterically - what's going on?"

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