What Does Pete Davidson Think When Kim Kardashian Drops West?

Kim Kardashian is letting go of the past.

The reality star is dropping the West prefix from her last name, which she added after marrying rapper Kanye West.

This is the most recent step in her quest to be single.

Some fans are looking to Kardashian's new beau, comedian Pete Davidson, to see how he feels about the situation now that she is taking more steps to distance herself from West.

Kardashian recently filed to be legally single and revert to her maiden name of Kardashian, but Davidson is said to be unmoved by the move.

Davidson simply wishes for her to do whatever she pleases.

Kardashian filed for a name change just hours after West asked her to return to him on stage at the Larry Hoover benefit concert.

West had previously given a speech at the Los Angeles Mission in which he stated that God would bring him and Kardashian back together.

"If the enemy can separate Kimye, millions of families will believe that separation is OK... but when God brings Kimye together, millions of families will be influenced to see that they can overcome the work of separation, of trauma that the devil has exploited to keep people in misery while people step over homeless people to go to the Gucci store," he said.

"Kim is completely smitten with Pete," a friend of the SKIMS owner told HollywoodLife.

"To be honest, she had no idea what to expect when she first met him."

She knew it would be a big deal in the media, but she had such a good time with him on Saturday Night Live that she figured why not? But she had no idea what was going to happen, and now she can't get enough of him.

When Kim is with Pete, she is completely devoted to him and cannot stop smiling.

It's really cute, and she gets butterflies whenever she's around him."

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