With some clever methods, I was able to read DELETED WhatsApp messages on iPhone and Android

YOUR humiliating WhatsApp gaffes are not erased when you delete the offending message.

It is possible to recover deleted texts in a variety of surprisingly simple ways — here's how.

Messages on WhatsApp can be erased from both individual and group chats, and the capability is available on both the Android and iOS apps.

It comes with the condition that receivers are informed that you have fired the shot with a notation that states "this message was erased."

The message, however, is saved on your phone and can be retrieved using WhatsApp's backup feature.

The tool backs up all of your messages at 2 a.m. every day, however this frequency can be reduced to weekly or monthly.

Uninstall WhatsApp and then reinstall it from your device's app store to read a deleted message.

After logging back in, you'll be given the opportunity to restore chats from backup.

Simply choose the restore option, and your chats will be restored, including deleted messages, which will be displayed as if they were never erased.

Even if you don't have a backup, a handful of third-party programs can help you recover deleted WhatsApp messages.

Notification History Log and Notification Log are apps that show you all of the notifications stored in your device's notification register, including those for WhatsApp chats. However, the apps have limitations: To read it, you must have interacted with the notice.

That means swiping it off the notification bar or your display when it arrives for the first time.

Additionally, resetting your phone can reset your notification register, removing any possibility of spying on erased texts.

Always be mindful of granting third-party organizations access to your WhatsApp notifications, as this poses a significant security risk.

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