PJs adds Macs to menu

New tech store sells computer products at discounted prices.

By Renee Clemente | Section: Jan 22nd, 2010 Issues, January 22nd Print Edition, News

At the start of second semester, the Department of University Services opened a technology store in the small unoccupied area at the PJ’s on Willow Street.

Students browse through the new store at its grand opening.

Students browse through the new store at its grand opening.

The 350-square foot area is now the Technology Communication store and acts as Tulane’s personal Apple store. It carries Mac computers, iPods and various accessories such as computer bags and headphones. The Technology Connection center gives all products an educational price. That is, all products are sold at their purchased price. The store also offers software programs such as Microsoft, Adobe, Statistical Analysis System and Statistical Package for the Social Sciences at lower prices due to Tulane’s discounted agreements with these software developers.

Prior to Katrina, Tulane had had a technology store located at the University Center. To replace the initial computer store, a virtual store online existed for students. This virtual store provided Dell and Lenovo laptops in addition to Apples.

“We set up this store mainly to help out freshman and sophomore students who would otherwise have difficulty finding transportation to any other location carrying electronic equipment,” Director of University Services Kelly Carrol said.

The display of various MacBooks at the store allows students to touch and test them out for themselves, place an order, or purchase them on the spot. Within the next month and a half, the store will become certified to service all Apple electronics and students will have another source of technological assistance at their disposal.

“It really is convenient to have a technology store that is so accessible,” freshman My Phuong Nguyen said. “When it comes to my technology or computer-related needs I don’t have to worry about finding a ride anywhere.”

Freshman Rebecca Kenney said she agrees.

“They have a lot of products to offer at reasonable prices,” Kenney said. “It really isn’t any cheaper or easier for me to go to Wal-Mart for what I need.”

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