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The Risky Business of Coalitions

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Mar 18th, 2005 | Category: Views

It’s all too easy to think of America in dualities: red state/blue state, retro/metro, United States of Canada/Jesusland, Republican/Democrat. And once a line is drawn, everyone has to fall on only one side. Big business? Republican. Never mind all the corporate money that goes to left-wing causes. Labor? Democratic – but forget about the opinions of individual […]

The golden rule still applies

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Mar 11th, 2005 | Category: Views

The “Tulane Hullabaloo” is disappointed in those members of the student body who find it funny to disrespect other people’s belongings and hard work. We have noticed a wave of such behavior in recent weeks and feel it is our duty as the “eyes and ears of the Tulane community” to declare that we and […]

One year anniversary: Madrid and its aftermath

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Mar 11th, 2005 | Category: Views

When I first arrived to study in Spain, a culture professor told me that in America we live to work but in Spain they work to live. The first question we ask a person is what they do; the first question a Spaniard asks a person is where they are from. I feared declaring “soy […]

Arafat Chance Indeed

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Feb 4th, 2005 | Category: Views

I found Kadmon's article, “Arafat Chance,” that ran in the Jan. 14 issue of the “Tulane Hullabaloo” to be a collection of "facts" based on opinion instead of the reverse. But that is not the sole motivation for this rebuttal. Kadmon's article exudes a fear of a legitimate democratic Palestinian state capable of negotiating its […]

Is the mission accomplished?

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Feb 4th, 2005 | Category: Views

President Bush addressed the world May 1, 2003, from an aircraft carrier with an enormous “Mission Accomplished” banner behind him. Over the last year and a half this has become more and more of an overstatement, and since then there has been little one could call successful in our occupation of Iraq.
The spirit of accomplishment and […]

Bush supporters visit D.C.

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Jan 28th, 2005 | Category: News

Five members of the Tulane University College Republicans, Thomas “Rocky” Thompson, Michael Johnson, Cade Cole, Jewelyn Wellborn and Kathryn Dahlberg traveled to a very snowy D.C. last week to attend the inauguration and some of its festivities.
“I support the president,” Wellborn said. “For me, going to the inauguration was kind of like going to Disneyland and […]

Senator removed

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Dec 3rd, 2004 | Category: News

University College Senator Michael Havard, was dismissed unanimously from his position for failing to meet his responsibilities, Undergraduate Student Government President Brad Patout announced at Tuesday’s meeting.
Since he no longer is a senator, Havard was also removed as chairman of the Constitutional By-Laws and Review Committee and as a member of the Student Body Activities Committee, […]

Moral issues in broadcastng

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Dec 3rd, 2004 | Category: Views

The issue of morality is oft-discussed in American politics. It has been a rallying point since the Clinton era, drawing voters and protestors around a handful of issues.
As conservatives with “moral agendas” gather strength in Washington, it is frightening to think of what might happen to gay rights, abortion rights and stem-cell research. However, the most […]

Reality check for Johnson

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Nov 12th, 2004 | Category: Views

Dear Editor,
I consider myself
pretty liberal – definitely a member of the Left — and,
according to Chris Johnson in “Reality check for the
Left” in the Nov. 5 issue of the “Hullabaloo,” in
need of a “reality check.”  I’m happy to say
that I’ve had one. After some soul-searching, I’ve
decided that I agree with Republican ideology. Their support of
less taxes, states’ rights and smaller […]

No, Verma

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Nov 12th, 2004 | Category: Views

Dear Editor,
As he has been openly accused of before in
this very newspaper, Kunal Verma has once again provided us with an
assertion that is not only unsupported but flies in the face of the facts.
If he is so sure Bush is the right man to
defend us in the War on Terror, maybe he could explain to me and
the […]

In defense of the majority

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Nov 12th, 2004 | Category: Views

“Why are you a Republican?”
I have been asked this question several times
this week after the Republican sweep Nov. 2. I do not know why
suddenly everyone is interested in why I vote as I do. Apparently,
according to the left, a Bush supporter is a rich, racist,
uneducated, homophobic, religious fanatic. I guess I fail to fit
the left’s picture […]

The united United States

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Nov 12th, 2004 | Category: Views

“Hullabaloo” was divided on the issue of the
presidential election just like the rest of America. Even the
decision not to make a decision – by not endorsing a
candidate – didn’t leave us without disagreement. But
that was last week. Now it’s time for the
“Hullabaloo” to move on, and we think it is time for
America to do the same.
The election
results have come in […]

Local elections: Republican wins historic Senate race

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Nov 5th, 2004 | Category: News

U.S. Rep. David Vitter has done what no other Republican in
Louisiana could since Reconstruction: win a seat in the Senate.
Vitter handily beat three Democrats to become the first
Republican in 120 years to serve. And by garnering a majority of
the vote with 51 percent, Vitter will not have to go through a
runoff election in December.
U.S. Rep. Chris John […]

Reality check for the Left

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Nov 5th, 2004 | Category: Views

Outraged. Disappointed. Angry. Ashamed. Dejected. Depressed. The
sentiments of youthful Kerry supporters are understandable given
the amount of energy and emotion they put into this election.
But shocked? The
only thing shocking about the outcome of the election was how
strikingly predictable it was. For several weeks, Bush’s average
lead in national polls hovered around two to three percent. For
several months political […]

A Blast at Balcony Bar

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Oct 29th, 2004 | Category: Features

Last Saturday night, sophomores Carlyn Perovich and Brian
Mockler went on a blind date at Balcony Bar and Café on
Magazine Street. They were given the VIP treatment by manager
Claude and staff. They discussed a variety of topics over a
delectable Balcony burger and cheese-steak, then bonded while
listening to their jukebox selections play. Here’s what they had to
say […]