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One year anniversary: Madrid and its aftermath

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Mar 11th, 2005 | Category: Views

When I first arrived to study in Spain, a culture professor told me that in America we live to work but in Spain they work to live. The first question we ask a person is what they do; the first question a Spaniard asks a person is where they are from. I feared declaring “soy […]

The Spirit of Voting: A Letter to the Editor

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Feb 18th, 2005 | Category: Views

Dear Editor,
As I pen this letter, crowds swarm the streets of campus inevitably advancing upon the city of New Orleans itself. As the wave of Tulane regulars and their guests indulge in this time of celebration and excess, a peculiar yet increasingly apparent contrast comes to my attention. While “excess” appears the mindset around campus, some […]

September 11 Victims are not innocent?

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Feb 4th, 2005 | Category: Views

Recently, students, parents and community members of Clinton, N.Y. protested when local Hamilton College invited Ward Churchill, professor of ethnic studies at University of Colorado to speak at an upcoming panel. The university had to cancel Churchill’s visit due to death threats made on both him and the administration.
Churchill had written an essay about the terrorist […]

Is the mission accomplished?

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Feb 4th, 2005 | Category: Views

President Bush addressed the world May 1, 2003, from an aircraft carrier with an enormous “Mission Accomplished” banner behind him. Over the last year and a half this has become more and more of an overstatement, and since then there has been little one could call successful in our occupation of Iraq.
The spirit of accomplishment and […]

Letters: Re: Peter Egan Jr.

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Feb 4th, 2005 | Category: Views

Dear Editor,
Peter Egan Jr.’s suggestion that Tulane University ease its restrictions on firearms on campus, in the Jan. 28 issue of the “Hullabaloo,” is ridiculous. This policy exists for two reasons: (1) to discourage criminal activity on the campus grounds by allowing for harsher punishments for violating the “gun-free zone,” and (2) to prevent students living […]

Bush supporters visit D.C.

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Jan 28th, 2005 | Category: News

Five members of the Tulane University College Republicans, Thomas “Rocky” Thompson, Michael Johnson, Cade Cole, Jewelyn Wellborn and Kathryn Dahlberg traveled to a very snowy D.C. last week to attend the inauguration and some of its festivities.
“I support the president,” Wellborn said. “For me, going to the inauguration was kind of like going to Disneyland and […]

Big Easy Beat

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Jan 14th, 2005 | Category: News

Big Easy Beat
Eight La. soldiers killed in Iraq in one week
Two Louisiana National Guard soldiers were killed Monday by a roadside bomb in Iraq, just four days after a similar attack left six Louisiana soldiers dead. American officials warn that more attacks are likely leading up to the Jan. 30 elections of a provisional government in Iraq. […]

Former TUPD cop honored

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Jan 14th, 2005 | Category: News

Former TUPD officer honored
Leah Barber
news co-editor
Each year, “Gambit Weekly” names an outstanding citizen of the city as the New Orleanian of the year and publishes a feature story about their achievements. This year, however, they gave tribute to hundreds. The Jan. 4 issue honored New Orleans’ “citizen soldiers,” including Coast Guard reservist and former Tulane University police officer […]

Irreconcilable banality

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Jan 14th, 2005 | Category: Views

Henvy VIII and Anne Boleyn, Ike and Tina, Ken and Barbie, and now Brad and Jen? How much heartbreak can one boy endure? The world is surely at its knees with the unthinkable breakup of supposed Hollywood “power-couple,” Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, calling it quits within the last week after more than four years […]

Harbinger Harry

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Jan 14th, 2005 | Category: Views

Harbinger Harry
Jan. 14, 2005
The year 2005 started with a powerful and disturbing omen (a harbinger?): It snowed in New Orleans on Christmas. Harry believes this signals a sea change for Tulane. He notes that quickly after the snowstorm, the Wave was named the top baseball team in the nation.
If Hell has officially frozen over, Harry foresees the coming […]

Moral issues in broadcastng

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Dec 3rd, 2004 | Category: Views

The issue of morality is oft-discussed in American politics. It has been a rallying point since the Clinton era, drawing voters and protestors around a handful of issues.
As conservatives with “moral agendas” gather strength in Washington, it is frightening to think of what might happen to gay rights, abortion rights and stem-cell research. However, the most […]

Strategic realities of the assualt on Fallujah

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Nov 19th, 2004 | Category: Views

The media coverage of the Fallujah assault can be characterized as a confusing amalgamation of idle speculation, partisan hackery and a small dose of fact thrown in for good measure.
The suggestion has been raised by various chattering heads that the timing of the Nov. 3 assault was politically motivated, ignoring their own reports that […]

Flippant foreign policy

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Nov 12th, 2004 | Category: Views

As President George W. Bush begins his second
term, it is urgent that both sides of the political spectrum
closely examine American foreign policy. Bush’s foreign
policy has made the United States the global enforcer, with a
mandate to intervene against dangerous terrorist states and tyrants
that violate human rights. This is not necessarily a bad foreign
policy, except that it […]

The holy vs. the holy

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Nov 12th, 2004 | Category: Views

After years of
slumber, the “holy wars” have wakened.
Man’s longtime
obsession with the search for meaning is making headlines
again. The race for the White House was steeped in Christian
values. Islamic fundamentalists call out for war on the West.
The murky morality of the ‘90s has disappeared, replaced by
the opposite poles of good and evil. The sharp delineation is
Is this the
future of […]

A Matter of the Heart: John F. Kerry for President

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Oct 29th, 2004 | Category: Features

It has been difficult to avoid taking a public stance on the
upcoming election, but lately it seems impossible as our campus and
the outside world has been flooded over in a sea of buttons, bumper
stickers, T-shirts and lawn advertisements. Heading into the final
turn of what has been quite an ugly election race, it’s
essential that Tulane students […]