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hullThinks: That you should enjoy our Sex Issue

By Tulane Hullabaloo | Section: Feb 12th, 2010 February 12th Print Edition, Issues, Views

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Welcome to the Valentine’s Day edition of the Hullabaloo, our annual Sex Issue. We’ve got news articles discussing student pregnancy and dating, a views article on seduction as social currency, a letter to the editor about providing more services to pregnant students, an arcade sex toy review, arcade Valentine’s Day features and a sports section devoted to our love for the Saints.

The sex issue is an opportunity to think about sex and love, in the context of Tulane. We are constantly reminded of the importance of sexual health by Peer Health Advocates of Tulane, but many students rarely take the time to stop and think about it. We’re hoping the sex issue makes you laugh at times, but also reminds you to really think about Tulane’s romantic and sexual environment, the support systems available here, and the things that are lacking. Do we have a welcoming environment for all people, regardless of gender and sexuality? Do students feel safe and informed? Can the people looking for relationships find one?

All in all, most of our interviews and research suggest that Tulanians are pretty satisfied with the school’s romantic and sexual environment. But we want you to let us know what you think. Send in a letter to the editor sharing your experiences at Tulane. We want to know whether you feel comfortable with your sexuality here and supported by both your fellow students and the school itself. Let us know, and let the school know.

And this Valentine’s Day, celebrate your love for one another, the Saints and the city itself, while hitting up parades and enjoying Mardi Gras.