I'm a dentist, and this is why you should eat cheese and chocolate this holiday season

CHRISTMAS is quickly approaching, and with it comes delectable delicacies for us to enjoy.

While you may be tempted to avoid the chocolate and cheese for fear of gaining weight or damaging your teeth, one expert advises that you should indulge in a festive treat.

According to Dr Navi Sangha, a dentist at Bupa Dental Care, planning ahead of time can ensure that you have the best Christmas ever.

If nothing beats a cheeseboard around the holidays, Dr. Sangha says it's fine as long as you do it in moderation.

He discussed how both cheese and nuts can be beneficial to one's oral health.

"Cheese offers a variety of advantages.

Cheese balances the pH level in your mouth, resulting in less damaging acid, more cleansing saliva, and, as a result, fewer cavities. The ideal complement to your Christmas pudding!"

"Nuts are another wonderful option if you're searching for a nutritious snack in the lead up to Christmas."

"My primary recommendation here is to snack on an unsalted nut, such as almonds. Nuts are high in fiber and include a variety of minerals and beneficial fats."

If you've had your fill of the cheese board and want something sweet, Dr Sangha says you may still enjoy, but switch from sweets to chocolate.

"Choosing chocolate over sweets is a sensible choice," Dr. Sangha added.

"Sweets, especially gummy bears, are almost all sugar, and their stickiness means that they can stick to your teeth, putting you at risk of cavities. Dark chocolate is an excellent choice for a special treat.

"It has less sugar than white or milk chocolate, and its consistency prevents it from becoming lodged in your teeth and causing future oral health difficulties."

While we all know that we should eat both chocolate and cheese to have a Merry Christmas, it's also important to know what drinks we may have without ruining our teeth.

If you want to maintain a healthy smile, Dr. Sangha recommends limiting the amount of champagne and prosecco you drink because the high acidic level can dissolve tooth enamel.

This, in turn, can raise your risk of tooth erosion, he says, and the same goes for fizzy drinks like cola and lemonade.

"My recommendation is to limit your holiday fizz intake or choose a low-carb beer, as these beverages have the highest water content and lowest acidity, making them gentler on your teeth."

"If you're going to stay with the fizz this holiday season, sip a glass of water in between the prosecco and champagne." The water will wash away the sugar and acid from your mouth and surrounding areas ", he explained.

According to Dr. Sangha, you should also strive to vary your mixers.

"Many of us enjoy a pre-dinner aperitif, but rather than choosing a scotch and coke, for example, if you switch to a vodka and a light tonic, you will be making a healthier choice for your teeth," Dr Sangha continued.

"If possible, choose sparkling water as a mixer or as your drink to be easy on your teeth.

"But keep in mind that even sugar-free carbonated drinks might cause enamel degradation and future problems."

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